Yikes!! Oh Where has the Inventory Gone??

The Orange County housing market has seen some significant shrinkage in inventory in the last year, which put in layman’s terms simply means there are a lot less homes available for purchase.

One depressing result of much lower housing inventory is multiple offers. In a neighborhood or area with too little to go around for everyone who is looking to buy there, many people will find and make an offer on the same house. Often times it seems that as soon as something goes up for sale, everyone has noticed it and drafted a bid at exactly the same time, lowering the chances of all parties.

This can be incredibly frustrating, and for some shoppers the cycle can feel as though it is never going to end. Especially if the buyer is trying to sell their own home at the same time, putting all the puzzle pieces together can sometimes seem like an impossible task.

Don’t fret. This is where an experienced agent like Judy Qualls comes in handy. Having someone who know the market, knows other agents and can help with the trickiness of putting together a two-stage deal (buying a new house while selling the current one) is invaluable, especially in a low-inventory market. When you need expertise, Judy Qualls has it.