Why the Holidays May Be the Best Time to Move

There’s a common misconception that most people don’t want to move after fall begins or during the holidays.  However, that’s simply not the case.  Many buyers prefer to buy a home during this time so they can get moved in and enjoy their new home over the holiday season.

Additionally, many people have extra time off and vacation days that have to be used before the year ends.  This presents the perfect opportunity to buy a new home and to have the extra time needed to get moved in.  Here are some great ways to incorporate fall colors that will help boost your staging efforts inside and out.   

You want to create an atmosphere that will pull the buyer in and one where they will be able to picture themselves living there. However, if you’re not planning on selling, you can still use these ideas to make your home warm and festive this holiday season.

  • Use pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves, pinecones and acorns arranged in nice displays for indoor and outdoor decor to give your home a splash of color.
  • Design an outdoor terrarium using fall decor.
  • Build some topiaries with pumpkins and adorn with fall colored decor.
  • Cover some pinecones in glue and sprinkle on metallic glitter, then attach them to a ribbon or twine and hang on your walls.

If you would to learn more about how to use fall color to boost your indoor and outdoor staging efforts, contact Judy Qualls, a realtor with Aspero Realty in Orange County, California.   She would love to help you with all your real estate needs.