Totem Erupts into Orange County Great Park.

Now through December 29th, you can catch Cirque du Soleil’s spectacular show TOTEM at Orange County Great Park!  Every night, the cast members of this critically acclaimed production dance, death-defy, and tumble their way through the primordial world of light and sound that Cirque brings alive before your very eyes.

TOTEM is inspired by founding myths and was conceived of as a show to trace the evolutionary journey of the human species from its inception in the primordial ooze, through its industrial revolution, to its deep desire to fly.  

Located on the cusp of science and legend, TOTEM will make you see humanity like you’ve never seen it before.  Performed on a stage meant to invoke the symbology of a giant turtle (a touchstone of many creation myths cross-cultures), TOTEM is a whimsical journey great for the entire family.  And, for only the second time, all this happens right in your backyard!

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