Think Twice Before Sanding Your Hardwood Floor: Sandfree Is Better

Hardwood floors can look beautiful in your home, but what kind should you buy? The traditional hardwood floors are made of solid wood. They can be nicked and gauged over the years, leading to the need to sand your floors. When you sand, it can lead to many problems in your home.

Think about what actually happens when you sand your home. You have to actually sand down the polish and a little bit of the wood and then reapply more polish. This can make it hard to live in your home during the process because of all the wood bits.

You can go with a sandfree version of hardwood floors in two different ways.

The first is to choose to coat your hardwood floor with polyurethane, a liquid resin that is made from plastic. When your floors are coated with this, you don’t actually need to sand the floors. The resin is thick enough that it can ward off basic wear and tear.

The other option is to choose laminate floors. These are made from melamine and already have the polyurethane on the floors.

Either way, you have the option of getting hardwood floors without the sanding – as long as you think about your options in advance.