Surprising Things Your Homeowners Insurance Does (& Doesn’t!) Cover

You might be shocked to learn about the things your homeowners insurance will and won’t cover.

Your home is one of the biggest purchases you’ve ever made. Not only that, but it also stores all of the other belongings that you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on over the years.

Your homeowners insurance policy is important. It protects both the house you’ve bought and the belongings you store inside it. The catch, though, is that it only protects those things if they’re damaged by a covered cause. So which disasters, exactly, are covered by your policy? Here are a few surprising things your homeowners insurance does – and doesn’t! – cover.

  • Incoming Planes/Meteors – YES: If something falls from the sky, you’re covered! Whether it’s a meteor fall from space or a plane falling from the clouds above, your standard home insurance should protect you against the repair costs. (It will also protect you if a car careens into your home.)
  • Explosions – YES (sort of): Say a local riot results in an explosion near your house. Not ideal, but the good news is you’re covered. If, however, that explosion was the result of an act of war, you generally won’t be protected since standard policies exclude acts of war.
  • Floods/Earthquakes – NO: You might be surprised to learn that standard homeowners insurance policies exclude two major natural disasters: earthquakes and floods. You need separate earthquake and flood insurance policies to be protected against these hazards at home.

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