The Great Park in Irvine, CA!

The Great Park metropolitan area of Irvine, California is in Orange  County.  This area has been called ‘The First Great Metropolitan Park of the 21st Century.’   

The area is still being built, but includes over 1,300 acres.  Since Great Park is right in the center of Orange County it’s accessible to over 10,000,000 Southern California residents, you can get there via freeway or railway. 

Currently there are a number of things to do in Great Park. You can take a hot air balloon ride, hop on the carousel or even shop at the farmers’ market.  There are also things for the kids to do, like ‘Kids Rock’ (where kids can learn more about ecology and even climb rocks). 

The park’s master plan has been lauded for its environmental sustainability.  It also honors the area’s military history, since this property was once the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro.  Great Park is sure to set the standard for all metropolitan parks across the nation going forward. 

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