Is Downsizing Your Home The Right Choice?

Determining your downsizing needs, and the time to meet them. With the kids out of the house and retirement on the horizon (or already here!), downsizing your house might seem like it makes a lot of sense. Once you downsize, though, it’s difficult to go back. It’s important that if you do downsize, you do… Read More ›

Saving water in the home

With California being in a drought, it is an important time to make the extra effort in your home to conserve water. The drought has created a water crisis that is affecting everyone. A few small changes in your house can help make a big difference. More than 20 percent of a family’s water consumption… Read More ›

What to look at when buying an old home

Buying an old house can come with many advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what you are getting into when purchasing an old house can help save you time and money. There are many pros to buying an old house such as: Character – old houses have been through a lot, and every event leaves a little… Read More ›

5 Options for Staging Your Home

  As seen on Zillow. An unstaged home often leaves too much to the imagination, making it harder for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. For many sellers, the word “staging” conjures images of an out-of-reach home in an upscale design catalogue with a giant price tag. The assumption is they can’t afford staging,… Read More ›

How to Investigate the Neighborhood Where You Want to Live

  As seen on Zillow. You’ve gone to the open house. You’ve had a private showing. You’ve read the disclosures. You’ve decided this is the house for you, and you’re ready to make an offer. Before you take that step, though, you should fully check out the neighborhood. After all, this is where you’re going… Read More ›

Choosing the Right Realtor

Choosing a real estate agent is an extremely important component to the home buying or home selling process. When choosing a real estate agent you can consider asking friends and family for referrals and consulting the internet for reviews and information about possible agents. You can also go directly to an agency and try to… Read More ›

Personal Touches: A Key to Success in the Homebuying Process

Buying a home is a long process that takes a lot of time to complete. A real estate agent in the Orange County area can help put the final touches on buying a home. If you are looking to buy a home during the time when competition for home buying is at all time high…. Read More ›

Is your escrow company in good standing?

Buying a home is a long process that can take around 30 days to complete. During that time there are inspections and paperwork that has to be filled out during this time. One thing that is very important is the setting up of the escrow account. You will want to make sure that your escrow… Read More ›

10 Homebuying Tips you should Understand

When buying a home there are a lot of things that go into the process. Hiring a real estate agent can help you keep everything straight. Here are 10 Things that you should now about buying a home. 10 Great Homebuying Tips You Need to Know About An acceptance is an agreement to set terms… Read More ›

33 O.C Schools Rank Highly in the U.S!

Orange County boasts a lot of positive attributes for quality of life , and now they can add in the fact that they have 33 Orange County schools that have made the highly ranked list for college prepared students in 2012. Place your child in a “ good ” school only improves the quality of… Read More ›