Is Renting Less Affordable?

It has recently been released that paying rent takes up more income than ever in most major metro areas, while paying for a mortgage is still affordable. Rental affordability worsened over the last year, while mortgage affordability stayed essentially the same. Those who rent in the U.S. can expect to put 30.2 percent of their… Read More ›

Get to Know Your Neighbors with These Tips

Whether you are a social butterfly or a homebody, getting friendly with folks next door will make your new house feel like home. These five tips will ease the process of making connections and settling into your new community in no time. Introduction To work your way up to a face-to-face introduction, start by giving… Read More ›

Solar Decathlon in Great Parks!

Visit the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015 from 11am – 7pm on October 8th to the 11th and October 15th to the 18th. The event will be held in Orange County Great Park and admission will be free for all! Nearly 800 students from around the world will provide public tours of their fully functioning solar… Read More ›

Selling a Home in a Seller’s Market

Just because it is the seller’s market high season, does not mean that your house will sell itself. Properties do tend to move quicker in the spring and summer months, but it is important to keep these issues in mind to make sure that you can bring forward closing day. Price to Sell-If you overprice… Read More ›

10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Every house seller wants to sell their home as fast as they can and at the highest price possible. Unfortunately, this is not accomplished by sheer luck, but instead by professional counseling, planning, and a bit of your own time!  Here’s how to create the best version of your home that appears irresistible for home… Read More ›

Top Activities for Labor Day Family Fun

Enjoy Labor Day with these ideas for some fun with the whole family: Hiking You can plan this to be low-key, or action-packed, depending on how your family is feeling. You can relax through the hiking trails and wooden areas, enjoying a packed lunch picnic. Explore a nearby park or nature reserve while connecting with your… Read More ›

How To: Skip Stress When Selling Your Home

We all know that selling a house is stressful. It is common knowledge that taking on this kind of major financial transaction is anxiety-causing. In fact, some research has even indicated that selling a house is more stressful than bankruptcy or divorce! Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to minimize your stress…. Read More ›

4th of July Fun In Irvine

Local Ways To Celebrate Independence Day How are you planning to celebrate the 4th of July? If your day is not already filled with backyard barbecues and pool parties, you need to find some fun activities to fill your holiday weekend. Fortunately, there are a number of great opportunities in Irvine that can offer you… Read More ›

Are You Using Vertical Farming?

As we become more aware of the way that what we eat affects our bodies, you likely have been trying to work more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. The problem with produce is twofold, though. First, fresh produce is expensive. Secondly, it spoils quickly, making you rush to consume what you purchased. Do… Read More ›

Will Solar Help You Save?

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners. They can help you significantly decrease the cost of the energy you use to fuel your home, while helping you secure tax credits and dramatically increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Before you make the leap to a solar home, though, there are a few questions you should… Read More ›