Is Downsizing Your Home The Right Choice?

Determining your downsizing needs, and the time to meet them. With the kids out of the house and retirement on the horizon (or already here!), downsizing your house might seem like it makes a lot of sense. Once you downsize, though, it’s difficult to go back. It’s important that if you do downsize, you do… Read More ›

Saving water in the home

With California being in a drought, it is an important time to make the extra effort in your home to conserve water. The drought has created a water crisis that is affecting everyone. A few small changes in your house can help make a big difference. More than 20 percent of a family’s water consumption… Read More ›

Why FHA May Be Your BFF

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) offers several programs to encourage home ownership. These programs are popular with borrowers because they allow home purchasing with a smaller down payment than most other lenders typically require. An FHA loan may make it easier for you to qualify for a mortgage, and help you achieve your dream of… Read More ›

Irvine Market Report

Respected and sought after real estate agent Judy Qualls has her sights set on the Irvine CA housing market. Whether you’re interested in buying, selling or relocation to the Irvine CA area, Judy is more than happy to assist you in any situation. She has the experience and knowledge of the real estate market in… Read More ›