How To Get Over First Home Jitters And Commit To Homeownership

While you might feel ready to buy as soon you save up a down payment, many renters end up spending months and years on the house shopping process. The eagerness of becoming a homeowner gives way to concerns that a magic new deal is just about to arrive on the real estate market. If you… Read More ›

Five Must-Have Facts About Reverse Mortgages

Seniors that own their own homes often face unexpected expenses in those golden years. If medical costs or travel expenses are using up your savings faster than expected, the HUD reverse mortgages allow you to turn home equity into cash. Before signing up for a loan like this, consider these facts about qualifications and limitations…. Read More ›

Honey and Cinnamon–A Beneficial Combination

Honey is one of nature’s finest treats that also has natural health benefits.  It is produced in most countries in the world, and has been referred to by scientists as a kind of medicine that will fix many different types of ailments.  When mixed with cinnamon, it has something special that has been known to… Read More ›

Get Out To The Great Park for National Bike Month

Each month is a nationally recognized celebration for one thing or another. One of those celebrations for May is National Bike Month. It was established in 1956. And what’s more than just celebrating the bicycle and its positive impact on the world in the month of May is that there is one day reserved for… Read More ›

Home Ownership: The Good

Home ownership has many delightful perks, but did you know that statistics tell us there are many social benefits to it as well?  Here are just a few to consider! Homeownership actually comes with health benefits.  Homeowners report that they have an increased feeling of control over their lives.  They also have higher self-esteem.  New… Read More ›

Homebuying 101: The Walk Through

If you’re a homebuyer, you know how exciting a walk through can be.  You are ever so close to owning the home of your dreams, just a few more steps to go.  But here are a few things to keep in mind as you do your walk through. You want to see the property as… Read More ›

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For the Spring Market

Spring is the season of rebirth and many homeowners feel the urge to become home sellers and start fresh in a new place. Before moving to a new home, however, you must prepare your current home for sale. Get yourself and your home ready for listing on the spring market by following a few key… Read More ›

New Living Room at the Orange County Great Park

If you needed another reason to make a trip to the Great Park, then you might not have heard about their latest: The Living Room is a new portion of the Great Park Gallery.  It’s getting ready to debut, and you should strongly consider a visit! Starting April 6th, on the first Sunday of every month all… Read More ›

St. Patrick’s Day: Fun Facts

Did you know that the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was not held in Ireland but, rather, Boston in 1737?  If you’re curious about this luckiest day of the year, here are some fun facts to sate your quest for the green! St. Patrick’s Day is held every year on the feast of St. Patrick…. Read More ›

Homeownership and the American Dream

Confucius said, “The strength of a nation is derived from the integrity of its homes.” Homeownership has long been considered an essential part of the American dream, but why? What is it about home ownership that Americans find so compelling, so desirable? Independence. Owning your own home means never asking permission from a landlord. Investment…. Read More ›