Renting vs Buying: Buy!

It has long been a question when choosing a place to live. It is the question of “Should I buy, or should I rent.” If you are in Orange County and considering that question, here are some things to think about.

  • Buying builds equity. When you rent you are building equity for someone else.
  • When rates are low, like right now, buying can make much more sense.
  • When housing prices are relatively low, like right now, buying can make more sense.
  • Buying does not mean the added expenses of property taxes to the resident. Property taxes are likely figured into your rent by your landlord.
  • Buying does mean more responsibilities for repairs and maintenance, but YOU get to choose any improvements.

If you are in that renting/buying decision mode, contact Judy Qualls, Prudential California Realtors. Judy Qualls is an Orange County realtor who knows the area and can help you discover properties that can put you on the road to ownership. In this market there is no question that when it comes to the choice of whether you should rent or buy, the decision should be to buy. If you want more details on why, contact Judy Qualls.