Predictions of the Biggest Kitchen Trends in 2014

Stay up-to-date with the biggest and best kitchen trends. Predictions for kitchen trends in 2014 call for earth-friendly, colorful, high-tech, and convenient materials, tools and gadgets. Check out these must-try kitchen trends for the upcoming year.

Black Countertops: Sleek black countertops, including those constructed of granite and quartz, have become popular as of recent. Pair your black counters with light appliances and kitchen accessories to make this room really pop.

Farmhouse Feel: Revert back to an old-fashioned kitchen by incorporating farmhouse details, such as an apron-front cast-iron sink and neutral tones.

Open Shelving: Instead of hiding your dinnerware, put it on display. Use open shelving in your kitchen to neatly store glasses, plates, bowls, spices, and collectibles.

Architectural Designed: Sharp lines and stainless steel appliances and countertops are perfect for the amateur or experienced chef. Maximize the space in your kitchen to provide plenty of room for food preparation and cooking, with overhead lighting.

Contemporary Combos: Keep your kitchen a relaxing place to cook and eat when you opt for a contemporary color palette. Stick with warm browns and soft yellows, along with a traditional wood-plank table and wood veneer cabinets.

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