Selling, Packing and Home Moving Tips

So you’ve decided to list your home? Great! We can help! Here’s a link to some helpful selling information.

You say you’ve sold your home? Congratulations! Now you’re going to need to start packing up and getting ready for your move.

Here’s some helpful suggestions on how to make your moving experience as smooth as possible:

  • Send your forwarding address to the local post office.
  • Distribute change of address cards to your:
         Insurance Companies     Credit Cards     Subscriptions  Friends    Banks
  • Keep vital papers and reminders in a separate folder.
  • Label your boxes. Consider the contents and weight of each box as well. Pack valuables in bubble wrap.
  • Get multiple estimates from moving companies and get confirmation of dates, times and who does what (packing).
  • Sort out your household items. Decide what’s worth taking along, then sell, donate or dispose of the rest?
  • Take an inventory of your possessions and make a list. It’s best if you have a photo or video showing your possessions condition prior to shipping.
  • Remember to retrieve any safe deposit box contents prior to your move out of town.
  • Disconnect your Water, Phone, Cable, Internet, Electric and Gas services.
  • Get any prescriptions filled if applicable.
  • Check with your attorney about will revisions if you’re moving out of state.
  • Pack a moving kit in an accessible location.
  • Carry jewelry and documents in a secure manner yourself.
  • Attain insurance coverage verification on packing/unpacking labor.
  • Tell your moving route to a friend including schedule and let them be your contact person.
    Remember to keep games available for the kids for the trip.
  • Plan for snacks/travel meals to help get you through the transition times
  • A well planned move will really help make the whole experience much easier!