Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center

In 1983, the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center opened. Since then, it has served over 250,000 children and parents. The Center addresses child abuse and family violence foremost. Secondary services address social, medical and environmental needs. Qualified staff members provide case management, mental health counseling, parental education and family support in the homes of families who need help.

While abuse devastates a family, it negatively affects the community as well. Abused children struggle emotionally and socially both at home and at school. The Adopt-a-Family Program gives community members a chance to make a difference in the lives of abused children and their families.

Over 1,130 individuals adopted 250 families in 2011, and the program continues to be an annual success. Donors choose families featured on the Center’s website. Individuals, families and even corporations ensure the adoption of families with financial needs. Donors purchase Christmas presents and necessities like clothing, shoes and household goods. Together with Center staff, the Families Helping Families program brings holiday cheer and familial stability to the community.

Real estate agent Judy Qualls encourages community members to support this important program. When everyone does their part, children and their families discover freedom and hope during the holidays and year round.