No Place like Home for the Holidays

While many believes that the the holidays can be a tough time for the real estate market, they also open up a plethora of staging opportunities to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.  Here are a few tips for holiday home staging to make no place quite like home this holiday season.

Keep it clean, keep it simple.  De-clutter and make sure that decorations are adding to the room rather than making it feel crowded.

Make certain your tree is sized to fit the space allotted to it.  A tree that’s too large can hide a room’s features, or make a room appear smaller than it looks.

Ensure that your decorations are inviting and equal-opportunity rather than overtly opinionated (in essence, perhaps the nativity scene is best left unstaged this year).  You want the largest pool of potential buyers possible, and you never know how polarized this extremely personal subject can be to visitors.

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