Looking to Tie the Knot? 5 Awesome ways to Use the Newport Coast Favorably

Sweet summertime is ripe for weddings, especially in Orange County, along the beautiful Newport Coast. First things first, incorporate the landscape for your future site into your romantic proposal with these 5 tips:

1. Find a clever ring holder down by the shore. Place your carefully chosen engagement ring inside a conch shell and have her give a listen, giving the shell at least one good shake. She can’t say no to the sounds of the ocean encouraging her to marry you.

2. Keep it classic with a simple request at a shoreline restaurant after dinner and before dessert. Watch her face light up as you offer her a ring you knew would be perfect for her.

3. Head out for a bicycle ride together and ask her for a tool from her “specially equipped” tool pouch where she will find her perfect ring. Pop the question and hit the road.

4. Take advantage of your location on a short boat trip to make your marriage proposal with the sound of waves lapping all around.

5. Cast your fishing line together on a local pier. When she reaches into the tackle box, there will like the bait. Here’s to fishing for answers and good luck!

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