Judy Qualls on the Latest Design Trends Of 2013

There are a lot of design trends taking the home decorating industry by storm for 2013. This includes many new colors like purple, gold and mauve as well as chevron prints using those same colors, as many in the Pinterest community may already know.

A style trend currently being emulated is the Louis XIV style. This is offering straight lines, classical ornaments and many other unique, renaissance style furniture pieces. Many homeowners are choosing one piece of furniture in this style and then modeling the rest of the room around it. There are also a lot of new spins. This includes blurring the lines between art and furniture. It’s not uncommon to see bold new materials as well as a lot of recycled materials. Designers are repurposing things in the house to disguise them as new things. Depending upon the room, some common objects are becoming art while others are becoming stools and tables. Green materials are also becoming more common. Traditional fabrics are leaving the arena while newer materials are entering – such as grass cloth. This allows homes to use more sustainable products. More flooring is being made of bamboo and cork, too, because of their sustainability. With so many new designs becoming available for 2013, it’s hard to decide which to incorporate inside a home.