Is Remodeling Your Home The Right Thing To Do?

Today, the real estate market is finally starting to look up. More homes are selling, there are fewer foreclosures and mortgages are actually being processed. This means now is a great time to sell a home and attracting potential customers is more important than ever. But, what can you do to make your home more attractive to potential buyers? The answer is: remodel it!

Existing home sales are creeping upward at a very decent rate and buyers are finally able to make the purchases they’ve planned on. But the part of the market that is seeing the best growth is in homes that have been "updated" or "refreshed" with current styles and amenities. Believe it or not, an investment for paint and updated hardware such as cabinet handles can pay off significantly! 

When you’re looking to get the best value from your investment in a home, whether you’re simply looking to upgrade your home or if you buy homes to resell, working with great realtors is key.

In the Orange County area, the realtor you want to work with is Judy Qualls in Irvine CA. She knows the markets, knows what you need to do to boost the value and popularity of your home and can help you get the sale you want. Give her a call today and see your home sell faster than you’d ever believe!