Irvine Votes to Move Forward With Developement of The Great Park

After several weeks of discussions over concerns about the future of a stretch of land in the Irvine area of Southern California known as the Great Park, the council held a vote near the end of November, and the council finally decided to approve going forward with further development of the Great Park.

Development of the Great Park will occur over a five year period. Developer Emile Haddad and the Five Points communities will in conjunction spend at least five million dollars in their efforts to bring their plans for the park to fruition.

Parts of those plans include:

  • Construction of 4,600 homes
  • Development of 688 acres of the park
  • Construction of several soccer fields, community centers and public parks

This will be accomplished by the developers in exchange for a zoning change which is imperative in order for the park’s development to happen at all.

The local residents of Irvine already enjoy many amenities that the park already offers such as a balloon ride that gives riders a spectacular view from 400 feet above the park, a Carousel, a farmer’s market that’s a weekly event and several annual events held in the park.

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