Housing Market on Its Way to Stability

Homeownership is the American dream. But, neighborhoods full of foreclosed homes that drag down your property’s value can seem like a nightmare.

The good news is, the housing market seems to be heading toward stability and a sustainable future. Lending requirements are stricter now, which means fewer people getting in over their heads with homes that they can’t afford. While it means that homeownership numbers are lower, it means more stability in the neighborhoods of those who are able to buy.

And, reduced speculation means that the bubbles that troubled housing markets in the last decade will become a thing of the past. This means that buyers can depend on their home as a sound investment that will build equity throughout the years.

Houses are also going to be more affordable without the crazy ups and downs of the subprime era. No more wondering if you are overpaying for a home that will soon lose its value.

In other words, it’s a great time to buy.

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