Homebuying 101: The Walk Through

Exterior shot of an open Wooden Front DoorIf you’re a homebuyer, you know how exciting a walk through can be.  You are ever so close to owning the home of your dreams, just a few more steps to go.  But here are a few things to keep in mind as you do your walk through.

You want to see the property as close to closing as possible.  Schedule a walk through within 24 hours of signing the paperwork in order to do the final check at the final moment.  If the sellers are intending to make repairs, ensure that you schedule two walk throughs: the first with enough time to review the repairs and ensure that they meet your standards, and the second right before closing.

Ensure that you have a reference copy of your contract to check items which the sellers promised to leave with the home.  Also ensure that the sellers didn’t leave unexpected surprise items you didn’t agree to in the contract.

Test all in-home appliances and temperature control units for functionality.

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