Wow Your Guests without the Work with these Holiday Entertaining Hacks

These holiday entertaining hacks will take your upcoming events from frazzled to festive!

The holiday season is underway, bringing plenty of excuses to gather friends and family and celebrate. While you might love hosting over the holidays, you probably know it comes with its own stresses. Fortunately, you can take steps ahead of time to eliminate them.

If you’ll be hosting a holiday party this year, use these entertaining hacks to make it a complete breeze!

  • Do you know how much alcohol to buy? You don’t want to be short on libations, but you also don’t want to bust your budget buying more than you need! So here’s a quick guide. Wine: ½ bottle per person, per hour. Beer: 2 per person, per hour. Spirits: 1/5 bottle per person, per hour. Ice: 1 pound per person, per hour.
  • Speaking of ice, you don’t need to buy (and lug) all those bags. Make ice in advance by filling ice trays in the weeks leading up to your event. Once frozen, store them in a large container in the freezer.
  • Worried that your table might not be large enough to accommodate all of your guests comfortably? You can free up table space if you serve dinner buffet-style. By creating a beautiful spread off to the side, you make it easier to feature everything you’ll be serving while leaving precious table space for centerpieces and drinks!
  • Did you know you don’t actually need to waste all that time by peeling potatoes? Boil them, then immediately shock them in ice water. With a little pressure, the skin will slide right off! Just like that, you’re able to skip potato peeling.

Happy holidays! If your holiday entertaining leaves you realizing you need more space in your Orange County home, contact me, Judy Qualls. Conveniently located in Irvine, California, I’m your local realtor dedicated to finding you the perfect piece of real estate to accommodate all of your future events.