Have Sellers Accept Your Offer With This Bidding Advice

The real estate market is getting competitive during the year 2013. With housing inventory low, buyers are placing multiple offers on homes as they are going into bidding wars with other buyers. As you set your sights on a particular property that you want, use this advice to have that competitive edge over the other buyers as you win the house of your dreams.

Get Pre-Approved

Having pre-approval from your lender gives you a financial edge over other buyers. The seller knows that they don’t have to wait on you to find a mortgage lender to back you as the closing can be processed quickly.

Offer A Quick Closing

Some buyers are looking for a place before the move out. They need to make certain arrangements before moving into their new property, so they won’t ask for an early closing date. You can beat out on those bidders by offering an early closing date so everything can go through escrow quickly. Sellers like this because they won’t have the home sitting on the market longer, or make another mortgage payment.

Offer Cash To Close

While checks are fine, cash will always rule in every purchase. You can have your offer accepted by giving the seller cash to close the transaction. Sellers will be eager to make a deal with you.

Agent Judy Qualls Helps Buyers Find Homes

Perhaps one of the biggest things sellers look for in a buyer is that they have an agent who has the knowledge to close deals quickly. Agent Judy Qualls from Prudential California Realty is the agent you need to get your offer on the table. Call at 714-313-4542 or check out her website.