Great Dental Hygiene Helps Your Heart

Tooth lifeWith a lot of focus on love and hearts for Valentine’s Day, you may not know that February is also American Heart Month. As such, it is important that you maintain your heart, so that you can have a healthy, long life with your family in your new home in California.

One way you can ensure that you are heart healthy is by taking care of your teeth. Recently, researchers linked poor oral health to heart disease. Specifically, having a buildup of plaque or periodontal disease may contribute to you developing heart disease. Regularly scheduled visits to your family dentist for checkups and cleanings will reduce the chance of you developing periodontal disease and heart disease.

Living close by your dentist and family medical doctor will reduce the inclination to miss appointments. When you are looking for your next home, allow Judy Qualls, your realtor in Orange County to find you a home that will make it easy for you to maintain a healthy heart. You can contact Judy Qualls in Orange County to set up an appointment.