Get Under the Stars in 2014

Looking for something free, fun and fascinating to do this year? Sprinkled throughout the year are 7 must-see events, but they aren’t your ordinary events. These events are in the sky! So, grab a blanket and a bottle of wine to sit out under the stars with your honey for any of these sky watching events in 2014:

  1. March 20 – One of the brightest stars, known as Regulus in the Leo constellation, will be hidden by an asteroid for up to 12 seconds, depending on your location.
  2. April 14 and 15 – Mars will become the closest to Earth that it has been since January 2008. In addition, it will be the first total lunar eclipse for us in North America to see in about 3 ½ years.
  3. May 24 – You’ll see dozens, possibly hundreds, of meteors, or shooting stars, per hour. This is probably the most dramatic of them all.
  4. August 10 – The largest full moon of the year will appear and it will be extremely close to Earth, making this a supposed “super moon.”
  5. October 8 – The second total lunar eclipse of 2014.
  6. October 19 – Mars and a comet will come close to colliding, which will result in a marvelous shower of meteors.
  7. October 23 – Partial eclipse of the sun. What you’ll see will depend on where you are located, as the further east you are, the less you will get to see.

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