Get Pre-Qualified Before Real Estate Shopping

Real estate shopping for a new home is an exciting experience — after all, it’s a place you plan to live for some time to come, and you want to be comfortable with its layout. The problem that many home shoppers run into is finding out at the last minute that they can’t afford to buy the house they fell in love with because they didn’t get pre-qualified.

Getting pre-qualified before home shopping is an essential part of the process. Applying is not unlike the final home purchase, but here you are getting an estimated amount you can spend. All of the information you input into the application is usually rounded off, but you can potentially save time by being precise from the beginning. All of the information you put in is subject to verification when you submit for actual loans.

Pre-qualified buyers have an easier time of getting the home of their dreams because they’ve done the hard work first. Having pre-qualification helps them and the┬áRealtor┬ánarrow down available homes to within the loan limit, saving time and effort for everyone involved. It also gives a buyer a leg up in that he or she is more likely to get the home they want, especially if there is a lot of interest in the property. Sellers are going to take pre-qualified buyers more seriously than ones who haven’t taken the time to do so.

Judy Qualls can help you with finding a home that is within your pre-qualified limit. Contact her for more information about what is available and affordable.