Forget something at home? There’s an app for that.

Mobile technology is amazing, and it just continues to expand the potential of things we never thought possible even a few years ago. The number of apps for homes that work on both iPhone and Android phones/tablets continues to grow as well.


  • Channel Vision Security app: basically it allows you to access your Channel Vision Security server and even adjust your security cameras from your iPhone. Did you unplug the iron? You can remotely check and answer that question. $$$Free.
  • HAI Snap-Link Mobile which works on iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire. Allows you to remotely access the automated system that controls your home. Want to turn the heat or A/C on before you get home, this app does gives you that power. $49.99.
  • Many home security automation systems have an app that allow you access from your mobile device.


  • Indigo Touch App is a remote control app that allows remote access to appliances, HVAC, lighting, and even your sprinkler system. This app is available for iPhone/pad/touch. $$$Free Trial.
  • Unikey app allows you to remotely lock and unlock the front door from you iphone. The system behind the app used cutting-edge cryptographics to ensure only you can unlock your door.
  • GarageMate App, available on Android connects to your remote sensor for your garage for easy opening and closing without leaving a remote control in your car.
  • Craftman offers an App that works on their brand of garage doors also. $$$Free.

While this list barely scratches the surface of what is available, the technology is amazing. Just the peace of mind wondering if something is wrong and being able to view streaming video from your security camera is priceless. Want to know how to add value to your property with modern app and systems that work from your mobile device?