Focusing on Great Architecture in Orange County

Nothing says Orange County architecture like some of the really brilliant real estate available on the market today. Especially characteristic of this area are eye-defying oceans views, rich outdoor living areas filled with succulents and cacti, and beautifully crafted homes in architectural styles hailing from storied Old World Europe.

Real estate in Orange County can often fit into the categories of Tuscan, Spanish or Mediterranean architecture. The first is a classic style that incorporates many of the qualities we normally associate with a particularly gorgeous, secluded monastery: columns and walkways lined with arches or pyramid-shaped rooftops covered with tile. These homes are often very symmetrical, framing a central statement like a circular driveway or fountain, but can be toned down for a simpler, more modest beauty as well.

Spanish-style architecture tends to focus on neutral wall colors and the judicious use of exposed brick and terra cotta features. The mission tower is a classic element in this style, though it is often not used as well. The Mediterranean style borrows from both of these countries and more, tying many facets of the region together: rows of round-topped windows, red-tiled roofs, and light-reflecting walls all tend to be classic elements. Look no further than Orange County for lovely examples of all three styles.