Fall Into a Maintenance Routine in Orange County

Fall brings cooler temperatures to Southern California and folks begin their home’s seasonal maintenance.  While temperatures typically don’t dive like in other parts of the country, Orange County neighborhoods need TLC, too.   Fall is a great time to perform annual maintenance and make small repairs to the roof and gutters, appliances, garage doors, decks, and windows. It’s also a great time to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors


A leaky roof can be fixed in a single afternoon with the right tools.  First, find the source, and remove the shingles.  Apply roofing cement, nail down new shingles to cover the repaired area, and done! While on the roof, take the opportunity to perform maintenance on the gutters by cleaning out sticks, leaves and whatever debris has become trapped in there.


Water heaters are crucial to the happiness of a home, so make sure yours is in good working order at the change of each season.


Garage doors should open and close easily, and a change in weather can cause glitches in the system, so keep yours functioning by checking it and making sure it does not need repairs.


Decks are a great place to socialize or retreat to observe gorgeous scenery. To keep it looking good, use the seasonal change as a reminder to pressure wash your empty deck, followed by an application of sealer to protect against water damage.


Windows hide dust and require a good cleaning to open and close easily.  Fall is the time to open all the windows and give them a good cleaning before cooler temperatures slide into Southern California.


The fall ambiance can motivate change.  Sometimes people enhance their decor and others opt for a change of residence.  If you are longing for your dream home, contact Judy Qualls as your preferred realtor.  She has extensive experience in providing families with their ideal residence in Orange County. Judy Qualls has reason to believe that property values will continue to rise over the coming years, and the time to buy is now.