Earth Day 2013: Make a Commitment to a Green Home

April 22, 2013 is the official day for Earth Day 2013. This is a fantastic day for making some changes to your life that reflect your commitment to a healthier environment. Those changes can be beneficial to the value of your home if you consider who to utilize green ideas to improve your property value. Below are some ideas that are green, earth friendly, and add value to your property.


Rip out that lawn and replace it with native plants. Native plants often require less watering because many of them are drought tolerant. They are also critical additions to help endangered local species. If you create landscaping projects that create outdoor living spaces that utilize native plants, then you add value to your property. Ideas include a Zen garden, sitting areas, and even patios.

Solar Energy:

Take advantage of all of those rebate programs by going solar. Solar energy is a HOT buzz word these days because it adds up to a lot of savings. In fact, local utility companies must buy-back any excess energy that your property produces. This means that adding solar panels to your roof not only helps the environment by reducing the consumption of fossil fuel energy (traditional electricity), but it has the potential to become a source of income each month!

We are happy to help you figure out ways to improve your property while going green. Find out what your options are today.