Comps: The Easiest Way to Just Right Pricing

Weighing in the Factors with Comparable Sales

One of the trickiest things about putting your home on the market is getting your listing price right. It’s a conundrum straight out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Make it too high and while some buyers may try and negotiate, other perfectly serious buyers may pass you by.  Make it too low and there’s no going back. In order to arrive at just right pricing, you need to study the comparable sales (comps) for your area.


The Multiple Listings Service (MLS) which every realtor has access to has a database of all the homes that have sold in your area. Your realtor can do a search of ones similar to yours in terms of square footage, number of rooms, architectural style, age, etc. and see what people purchasing in the area have been willing to pay. Then the two of you can tweak the pricing a bit by adding or subtracting the value of a pool, a deck, or extra bathroom, and come up with just right pricing that will get your house sold in the least time.


If you’re ready to sell your Orange County, California home, contact Judy Qualls She has the magic touch for determining just right pricing.