Do You have a Real Estate Crush?

Everybody has specific things that they look for when buying a home. These real estate “crushes” can make or break a house when looking for your next home. Most home buyers, 69 percent, admit that they had a real estate crush while looking for their next home. These crushes can also make it easier to… Read More ›

How To Get Over First Home Jitters And Commit To Homeownership

While you might feel ready to buy as soon you save up a down payment, many renters end up spending months and years on the house shopping process. The eagerness of becoming a homeowner gives way to concerns that a magic new deal is just about to arrive on the real estate market. If you… Read More ›

What to look at when buying an old home

Buying an old house can come with many advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what you are getting into when purchasing an old house can help save you time and money. There are many pros to buying an old house such as: Character – old houses have been through a lot, and every event leaves a little… Read More ›

More Homes Are On The Market!

Orange County, California has so much real estate to choose from that the effort to find the right property can be overwhelming, even if you are buying a second home or investment property. But, don’t get discouraged. There have been more than 4.62 million home sales in 2014, with 26% of those being first-time buyers…. Read More ›

Home Ownership: The Good

Home ownership has many delightful perks, but did you know that statistics tell us there are many social benefits to it as well?  Here are just a few to consider! Homeownership actually comes with health benefits.  Homeowners report that they have an increased feeling of control over their lives.  They also have higher self-esteem.  New… Read More ›

Homebuying 101: The Walk Through

If you’re a homebuyer, you know how exciting a walk through can be.  You are ever so close to owning the home of your dreams, just a few more steps to go.  But here are a few things to keep in mind as you do your walk through. You want to see the property as… Read More ›

The Local Market Executive Summary Irvine – Condos and Townhomes

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The Local Market Executive Summary Irvine – Single Family Homes

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The Local Market Executive Summary of Tustin – Single Family Homes

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Predictions of the Biggest Kitchen Trends in 2014

Stay up-to-date with the biggest and best kitchen trends. Predictions for kitchen trends in 2014 call for earth-friendly, colorful, high-tech, and convenient materials, tools and gadgets. Check out these must-try kitchen trends for the upcoming year. Black Countertops: Sleek black countertops, including those constructed of granite and quartz, have become popular as of recent. Pair… Read More ›