Black Friday Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Black Friday shopping has become an increasingly popular fall holiday event in the last several years. When out shopping on the big day this year be sure to follow these simple safety tips.

4 Shopping Safety Tips to Remember

  • Use a card instead of cash when out shopping. Large amounts of cash are much more likely to get lost or even stolen in the chaos of Black Friday. It is also a good idea to shop with a single card if possible to avoid having to cancel multiple cards if they are lost or stolen.
  • Plan ahead. Most stores will make holiday shopping deals available online and in magazines for several weeks leading up to the day of the event. Take advantage of knowing which items are available where and plan accordingly. 
  • Remember where you parked. Write down your aisle and space number or use your cell phone to snap a picture. If possible, it is also a great idea to park in a well-lit space that will make your car easier to spot in the early morning hours.
  • Store your bags and packages in the trunk. Before you leave and head to the next store or back home be sure to store all of your items in the trunk. The less a possible thief is able to see the better. 

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